About us

Company Principles

Fruitfinity was formed with the mission of bringing healthy and delicious foods to America. We only use premium, healthy ingredients in our products--holding ourselves to the highest nutrition standards. All of our products have been hand crafted with the following principles:

  • No added sugar- We are committed to not adding sugar to any of our products. That's right--no sugar, no honey, no maple syrup, no agave, and no stevia! None of these sweeteners have much nutritional value to offer and many have unintended consequences. Instead of adding sugar, we use fresh fruit to add sweetness and depth of flavor!
  • No refined grains- We are committed to making our products exclusively with whole grains, providing a source of fiber, plant-based protein, vitamins, and minerals
  • Plant-based nutrition- Fruit and vegetables are one of our main product ingredients. In fact, a fruit or vegetable is the top ingredient in each of our granolas! Fruits and vegetables provide a good source of vitamins and minerals which help you feel energized.